The Lace Ribbon.


Naked as required,
Nude as desired,
She waits on the block
With her shackles unlocked.

With poise and great grace,
Her hands at her waist,
She bears their gaze
Through the smoke filled haze.

She turns when she’s told
Staying meek and controlled.
The Master’s dictate
Determines her state.

Her arousal shows clear
As the bidders drew near,
Inspecting the wares,
Not a thought for her cares.

Her thighs clenching hard
A bidder raises his card.
She caresses her breast,
Makes her Master bid best.

The hammer falls loud
Her nipples stand proud.
Her Master has won
The auction is done.

The men gather close
They envy him most.
He still owns her heart
As she bends, feet apart.

She spreads herself wide
Master slips inside.
As the others watch on
He slides hard and long.

The contract was signed
This act is the bind.
Witnessed and applauded
His purchase is lauded.

Grunting hard with desire,
Her loins all afire,
He quenches her ardour
Though still he grows harder.

He withdraws without haste
This act just a taste.
When they are alone
She will show she can moan.

She falls to her knees,
Hands raised to submit,
Wrists crossed together
To be bound forever.

His hand in her hair,
So golden so fair,
He undoes the bow
And her hair cascades low.

Binding her tight
To her lustful delight.
The cotton is tied,
Her eyes open wide.

The ribbon that ties
brings tears to her eyes.
Not harsh! Not the case,
A soft ribbon of lace.

“Bound for a lifetime,
Always to be mine,
Tethered with lace,
to remember your place”

“I shall serve you all days
and serve you all ways,
I am yours to debase
So you bind me in lace.”

With vows spoken aloud
And with roars from the crowd,
Master and slave
Became bound till the grave.

© CJ Heath 2014.

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