Lace Lover


Closing her eyes
The soft lace touched skin
Revelled in the sensation
Caused a stir within
The lace bra cupped her breasts
Nipples made so tender
Knew when he lay his eyes upon her
Helpless she would render

Wrap her arms around him
Caught in her lacy web
Against his ensnared body
Feel his resistance ebb
Anything she wanted
Would be hers tonight
She knew the awesome power
That came with this lace covered sight

Tease and sit astride him
Look him in the eyes
Moving back and forward
Stockings against his thighs
Lift waiting breasts to lips
Through the lace feel his soft bite
Squeeze all his juices from him
On this lace inspired night

© Mark Davis 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).

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