Lady of Lace

She was in life
A Lady of Lace
Delicate features
Porcelain face
In youth she wore
Such daring fashions
Lace topped stockings
Inciting passions
Flared out skirts
With tiny waist
And petticoats
Of finest lace
Stiletto heels
Kidskin gloves
Looking her best
For the man she loves
Nights of desire
Nights of joy
Nine months later
A baby boy
Wrapped and swaddled
Tiny red face
Peering out
His shawl of lace
Adoring doting
Mother proud
Shows him off
To all around
Then puts away
Her youthful clothes
Gives up her dreams
For now she knows
Her life has changed
Profoundly so
As through the years
She sees him grow
Into a man
Both big and strong
Her thoughts recall
A past long gone
Of dances
And a life fast paced
When she stepped out
In finest lace
She opens the drawer
Of her worn nightstand
And carefully removes
With frail hands
Her youthful clothes
That she’d kept all along
Lays down with them o’er her
Smiles and is gone
She rests in her coffin
I kiss her and sigh
Pull down her veil
And say my goodbye
In death as in life
A Lady of Lace
Delicate features
Porcelain face


©Steve Richards 2014
(Picture – Pinterest, source @Elizabeth Messina

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