the blue-black of dusk spilled its inky hue across the once pristine sky. the expanse of the abyss held not a single cloud, yet the heavens held no beacon of light – no shining star. time moved forward and yet, time ceased its heady beat. the orchestra of life fell into complete and utter silence. the impending wait was finally over but all around her cowered, quaking in the shadows.

alone, she stood rooted – tentative, anxious, yearning for what was to come. her spirit felt tangible as the tethers of his song danced along the chords of her soul. she basked in the decadence now saturating her skin and the dizzying pull of hastened breath. he, in all his beautiful darkness, was approaching to stake his claim – to bring her home.

there was no softness in his hand, nor gentleness to his soul. yet she revelled in the bittersweet intoxication of his allure. he owned her. his sinful debauchery now flowing in the very marrow of her bones.

he was a man of leather and lace – of unbendable steel. she feared him but her terror inflamed her passion and he became the most addictive of drugs.

the racing of her heart was a vibrant bass within her ears and she swayed, overcome in the rapidness of his approach. the strength in her knees failed and she fell onto the soft grass below her. she brought her trembling hands to her parched lips and was startled by the rough lace now encasing her soft skin. in but a breath of a moment, she knew, without a doubt, that she was truly his.

blinded by her tears of humility and profound joy, she was unaware of his presence until strong arms pulled her to her feet. no emotion broke his mask, but she could see the slight flare of his nostrils and the flame now burning in his eyes. she surrendered knowing she no longer belonged in this world or to herself.

it was time.

he took her hand, led her away and with it, the suffocating darkness.

life again moved forward and the world once more found breath. under the star strewn sky, all that ceased to be but a moment ago was forgotten except for a blackened strip of infertile earth imprinted in lace.

c. 2014 b.l. ronan

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