Tattered Lace

Soft winds blow in from the sea
I’m no longer young and free
Time has caught up with me
For I cover my face
With tattered lace
The waves have hit the shore
Each one an open door
What happened to those days?
When I walked upon the shore
My future bright in so many ways
I never asked fate for any more
I cried
I laughed
I loved
I tried
We giggled as days drifted by
So like the tiny sands of time
I cover my hair now with tattered lace
Enhancing the grays around my face
But I have no regrets
As I glance into your eyes
Because you’re savvy and so wise
You saw my once beautiful face
Now like the lines of tattered lace
Because of you I have no regrets
For you can only see
The beauty in me
My love, my life, my destiny
Time has been so kind to me
The sands wither away each day
And we hold on to the molding clay
Of life’s special surprises for us
We’ve earned this day without a fuss
To now finally walk the shores
Of life and finally no more chores
Or strife
Just life
For you
For me
For eternity
You lift my veil of tattered lace
To kiss what time could not erase

© Suzzana C Ryan


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