Sweet Surprise

I am eagerly awaiting the nights events. Primping and polishing my every curve when a knock on the door disturbs my thoughts. I fling open my front door to see a beautifully wrapped blue box with a black lace bow sitting on the porch. The card reads “Wear my gift and don’t be late…I have another surprise for you, my pet”

I open the box to reveal a large jeweled plug. Thinking to myself heatedly while I turn the pretty plug in my hand, “I can’t wait to see what other wicked plans he has in store for me!”

I quickly finish getting ready and I’m at the hotel in a flash. I step up to the front desk unsure of the room. The desk clerk hands me the key card and with a knowing smile says “Have a wonderful night”

Arriving at the room, I reach into my purse and pull out the lace bow. I carefully apply it across my eyes to fashion a mask. Then I eagerly step inside. I hear masculine moaning and the crack of a whip. My heart is racing and I can feel myself glistening. The pressure from the plug is making my pussy so wanton and needy. I feel like I could explode just from the anticipation. I don’t want to interrupt but Sir was very specific about the time.

I creep quietly further into the suite. There is a sitting room with a door to the right. The door is ajar and I can clearly hear the moans & whip coming from this room. I tiptoe slightly toward the door and peek around it.

What I see inside has me aching with want, I can feel my body responding just watching. Sir is dressed in a suit, holding his whip. In front of him is a male sub, bound at the wrists and blindfolded, arms in the air. The attractive man has nipple clamps on both nipples. Sir is whispering in his ear and twisting one of the clamps. The subs erection is straining against his zipper.

I feel like I am intruding but I can’t look away. Unsure of what to do, I step back from the door until I hear,
“Where do you think you are going kitten? You don’t want to miss your surprise. You didn’t think I would leave you out of all the fun did you?”

© Caroline Juliette 2014.

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