Where did all the time go?
Was it just 25 yrs ago ?
I bought u home
in a blanket of lace
With eyes so big
skin so fair
I remember the
bows in your hair

First recital
it was ribbons and Tulle a touch of
lace on your tutu
When did it happen?
Where did time go?
Memories floating buy
As you grow

First Dance
All grown up
Descending from the stairs
In formal dress
With A touch of lace
That barely covered
your breast
to your waist

First man
In your life,
Asked us for
your hand
To be his wife

We shed a few tears of joy
Knew time was here
About to leave
Soon to be
dressed in lace
A bride to be

Today as you
walk down that aisle
The circle of life
comes around

In a wedding dress of pearls
Wrapped in lace
That huge grin
Across your face
With eyes so big
Skin so fair
A veil of flowers
in your hair
Our little girl
Is all grown up

© Angel 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).

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