Draped In Lace.

20140614-145134-53494216.jpgI felt as if my eyes beheld an angel
The way you stood in the open field
With the sun cascading on your skin
You were a sensual sight to behold

The way your body was wrapped
White lace softly falling about you
You looked to be pure, innocent
Like the angel I thought you to be

How I wanted to taste you that day
To pluck you from those wheat fields
Feel your soft lace draped over me
Tasting your innocence on my tongue

Determined to have you as my own
I sent my servant to bring you to me
Taking you from your family home
All to feel you drape me in white lace

20140614-151010-54610607.jpgOh, my angel, if I had only known
That you kept your wings hidden
Covered beneath your white lace
Permanently inked into your flesh

When I saw you, naked, in the flesh
I took you on all fours, making you mine
I watched your innocence disappear
Black lace, now replacing the white

As days went by, you were like a devil
Wrapping me in your soft body
Using your lace, you caressed me
Making a hard man, turn soft

You took everything I had to offer
Stripping me of all my dignity
Just to have me openly begging
For you to drape me in your soft lace

Now, I lay here, a withered shell
As you stroke me with your lace
I am taken, spent and exhausted
My final release given over to you

My angel, I see your true form now
A demon, you sucked away my life
As I offered everything to you willingly
All to feel you drape me in your lace

I feel as if my eyes behold an angel
As you drape yourself in black lace
An angel of death you are, my demon
Taking me to hell, draped in your soft lace



©DerErzahler 2014
(Pictures from Pinterest – source unknown).

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