The Ways of Desire


Corset laced tight, tempting to eye and touch

White lace, satin and high heels are your disguise

On the road of never ending one night stands

Miles on the clock, meetings in old hotel rooms

Needing someone to hold onto you tight

Always hoping the next night will be the last

But it never really works out quite like that

Encounters fade with every touch of sadness

Walking away dreaming of the moon and stars

Alone on this dark road listening to your heart

Wondering if you’re the only one longing for more

When did time and happiness fade to shadows?

Stripped of the past, exposed for what you desire

Tears dried long ago, searching for lost chances

Passions burn as memory of rope still lingers

That one perfect moment shattered in time

Desires weep for deep loneliness hitherto unknown

Fears well up, never knowing where happiness went

Possibilities glimpsed, blurred images out of the past

Once learned the ways of desire can take their toll

Standing at your crossroads with nowhere to go

Remembering lips kissed, hands you’ve missed

The sweet taste of desires meet, passions spent

A guiding light, searching darkness forevermore

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


A Tear Drop


Drinking holy water to wash away the pain

A deep thirst that only alcohol can drown

An immaculate conception with every sip

Pierced by thorns on this cross I must bear

Like a vision you dance across the room

Music plays softly, voices break the spell

The night breaks through my darkness

Drowning in the memory of your caress

Another day, another night without you

Your smiling face haunts me in the crowd

Eyes searching for the love we once knew

Another drink, another one night stand

Leaving before dawn, through back streets

Hiding in the shadows, dialing your number

Lines jammed with tears and broken hearts

Blinding sun rises, and with it the darkness

Curtain’s closed tight, the music plays on

Like an Aria calling me through the dark

In my dreams you vision haunts me still

Dressed so fine in your satin and lace

It’s a moment that will never come again

The price I pay for taking you for granted

Ink flows freely, words written and posted

Merely a tear drop in the ocean of our pain


Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

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