Wings of lace

from the breath of an angel
wings created
through meadow graceful
seen beating, floating
a human’s touch would destroy its life, painful

sheer enough for light to pass
veins finely laced
a living stained glass
from stem to stem
waltzing through tall grass

wings designed to fly and hover
dips and dives, loop de loop
sounds they make, stutter-flutter
a playful kamikaze
flirting in the months of summer

in a silent embrace
dragonflies mating
origami masters using paper lace
would fail to replicate
its beauty and darting grace

come visit often
little blue dragonfly
we’ve a short time until autumn
for you i, but not i for you
will be forgotten

with colours so sublime
a garden fantasy
will look for you when its time
humming, the sound of spring
when your wings of lace buzz in rhyme

Marcus 2014.

Picture from http://weheartit.com via Marlene.

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