So yesterday I was talking to a lovely lady that I have the honour to call a friend and she mentioned a campaign she was going to start, one that she hoped I would join in with (here’s how she describes it – The “I’m Not Perfect” campaign is a gathering of people, whether they be bloggers, writers, vloggers or people in general, expressing to the online world that they aren’t quintessential as their peers perceive them and that they experience the very same issues that day-to-day life brings.)

Now many of you will know that pictures of me are hard to come by as I’m my own worst critic but to help Tammy I decided to join in with this and I hope many of you will join me (for more information head over to her page

So here goes, please excuse the sunburn…


Haha yes I am real. Now please help support my friends campaign and post your own I’m not perfect photo.

Much love