The crackle from the fire burning in the large inglenook fireplace breaking the comfortable silence that surrounds us as we sit drinking coffee sharing subtle glances and smiles over the tops of our mugs, nothing else not even words is needed between us. It was our first morning here in this beautiful log cabin and so far it had been a romantic one. It was the simple things like waking in each others arms before cooking breakfast together that had made it so romantic and special and now we were sat here enjoying the peace, dressed and ready for a walk together in the woods that surrounded this peaceful haven. As soon as I’ve finished my coffee I’m up and ready to go, putting on my outdoor gear whilst you watch me and roll your eyes at my desperation to be outside. Smiling at you I think about the way you had convinced me that going for a walk last night was a bad idea, a blush colouring my cheeks as I think about what you had done to me after I had pouted about not being able to go outside. I’m an outdoor girl at heart and last night my need to be outside had overridden my need to be warm, or at least it had until you had ordered me to my knees then I had been over taken by a need of a different variety. You laugh as you see the look on my face, knowing you know what I’m thinking I blush again before looking at the door. “Alright, alright, I’m coming. Honestly my love I’ve never known anyone get so enthused about a walk before.” Putting down your mug you make your way over to me, pinning me against the wall of the cabin you softly whisper, “Are you sure you want to go out in the cold? I’m sure I can think of many ways to keep you entertained indoors.” The passion in your voice sends shivers down my spine but this time I ignore them. “I’m positive Sir but hold those ideas for later.” With a wink I duck under your arm and throw your coat at you. I know my actions would usually get me into trouble but I’ve noticed a change in you since we arrived here and for once I’m enjoying disobeying you.

I wait not so patiently for you to put on your coat, I can’t explain my eagerness but it’s as if the forest outside the door is calling my name, not that I would ever tell you this as I’m positive you would laugh at me. Taking my gloved hand in yours we leave the warmth of the cabin and step out into the crisp fresh snow. The woods sparkle gently as the sunlight falls on the stark white surface making it all look so magical. As I take a deep cleansing breath the cold briefly steals my ability to breathe properly but it’s a sensation that soon passes. As we walk the silence of the woods is only broken by the crunching sound of our footsteps, the beautiful bird songs and an occasional soft thud as branches bow down and drop the snow that weighs them down. I stop briefly to watch a robin searching for food amongst the snow when I feel something hit me hard in the centre of my back, turning around I see you standing there trying to suppress a grin but failing miserably and I notice the snowball that you hold in your hand. Never one to turn down a snowball fight I bend down and scoop up the snow smiling at the appearance of this new playful side of you, shaping the snow into a ball I throw it at you, hitting you square on the chest. What follows then is what can only be described as all out snowball warfare, both of us laughing so hard that we miss more times than we hit each other that is until I turn to dodge a snowball that would most definitely have hit me and trip on a hidden tree root, falling on to my back in the snow. I lay there laughing until I see the horror and concern on your face, you may have relaxed but you are still my Sir and your prime concern is my safety, dropping to your knees beside me you begin to check me for injuries. It doesn’t matter how much I reassure you that I am fine it’s not until you have checked that you rise to your feet and help me up, pulling me against your body and holding me tight. “Little one, I am sorry…if you had been hurt…” placing my finger against your lips I look into your eyes. “Sir I’m fine, I promise…” I shiver softly against your strong frame, “A little damp and cold but otherwise fine. Please don’t worry.” “Well then little one lets get you back and out of those damp clothes.” You whisper before kissing me tenderly the anguish in your eyes now gone.

Get out of those wet clothes sweetheart while I make us a hot drink.” Is all you say to me once we arrive back at the cabin, the warmth from the still burning fire wrapping around me like a soft blanket as I did as I was told, removing everything except for my white silk camisole and French panties. Once I had stripped I sat on the rug in front of the fire noticing you had added fresh logs to the flames, the heat quickly warming me and making my skin glow as I sat staring into the fire losing myself in my thoughts. I’m so lost in my thoughts am I that I don’t hear you approach me and I jump slightly as you reach down and stroke my hair. “You look so beautiful sitting there my love.” You tell me as you sit down behind me, placing your legs either side of my body, wrapping your arms around my waist, placing soft kisses along my shoulder as your fingertips caressed my skin with tender affection making me sigh softly with pleasure. This last two days I had seen a different side to the man I love, a softness seeping through the hard wall that usually surrounded you as more and more of the stresses of your life got pushed into the background. Sighing softly again I whisper. “I love you Sir.” The words so quiet that you only just hear me. As you continue to place kisses on my skin you respond equally as softly. “I will always love you little one, more than you will ever know.

Turning to face you, I gaze into your eyes for a moment as I contemplate what I am about to say for it is something that I wouldn’t usually consider voicing to you but right now it feels like the right time to ask. Reaching up I gently caress your cheek and taking a deep breath I begin to speak. “Sir, you always said if there was something I wanted or needed I only had to ask… Well I want you Sir… I would like you to make love to me Sir. No toys, no extra’s just you and I wrapped in each other please.” As soon as I’ve finished speaking I swallow hard and turn away from you, lowering my eyes, hoping I hadn’t overstepped boundaries. Your fingers gently turn my face back to you, a soft smile plays on your lips but it’s the look in your eyes that makes my heart beat faster. There was no anger, no dominance just pure love shining through. Slowly you lower your lips to mine kissing me slowly, your movements soft and loving asking me to open myself to you, neither of us rushing, savouring the sensual moment as our hands begin to caress, your fingertips tracing every inch of my exposed skin as mine trace your muscles beneath your shirt. Your hands slip up my arms, fingers wrapping around the thin straps of my camisole before sliding them from my shoulders gently forcing my arms down to allow the straps to continue on their journey down my body. The soft sigh of the silk falling is barely audible and yet is such a seductive sound. The brush of the silk across my flesh makes me tingle as it caresses my body in it’s own special way. I stand to let its journey commence, watching as it slips down my slender legs before pooling around my feet. Just as it settles I hook the top of my panties with my fingers, pausing to look into your eyes. Even now I’m seeking your approval not wanting to continue without. You smile and nod your head slightly giving me the permission I needed. With slow, delicate precision I begin to slide the panties down, teasing and tantalising you by taking my time removing them until I finally allow them to float softly to the floor to join my camisole leaving me standing there naked before you, a look of intense love on your face as your eyes feast on my body.

Stepping over your legs, opening myself to your gaze, I wait patiently for you to close your legs so that I can lower myself down on to your lap. As soon as you do I sit astride your legs and begin to unbutton your shirt, placing feather light kisses on your skin as I expose it, taking my time savouring the taste of your flesh until I reach the flesh above your heart, as it is revealed I softly trace my name with a fingertip across you chest before continuing on my journey down your torso. Eventually I reach the final button and move my hands to push your shirt from your shoulders, still placing kisses all over you wanting to shower you with kisses and show you just how much I love you. Your hand catches my face gently guiding me back up your body until my lips reach yours, taking my lips with yours. The kiss exchanged is filled with so much passion and longing, your hands wrapping in my hair pulling me even closer to you as the kiss intensifies, becoming fevered and lustful. I can feel your shaft swelling, getting harder by the second, pressing against the zipper of your jeans and my swollen bud sending slow waves of pleasure through my core. Your hands move from my hair and stroke tenderly down my body towards my breasts. As the passion of the moment takes over our breathing becomes more and more erratic, moaning softly as you flick your tongue over my pebbled nipple. My hands moving to the waistband of your jeans, lowering my fingers to rub softly over the material that covers your length, making you moan and gasp with need. Pooping the buttons with slow, meticulous ease until you are exposed to me. Your eyes widen with pleasure as I stroke the satiny skin that covers your tip, licking my lips I move along your legs lowering my head but keeping eye contact with you until my lips meet your length. Placing a light kiss on the tip before slowly running my tongue over and around, tasting the drop of your essence that shimmers in the firelight as lustful moans escape from both of us.

You lift your hips slightly allowing me to push the denim over your hips and down your legs a short way, freeing you completely. Wrapping my hand around your solid length. Watching your eyes roll as I squeeze gently, feeling you pulse in my palm. Without releasing you I move back up your legs, lifting myself until your tip is poised between my swollen, part lips. Slowly I lower myself until your tip is resting just inside me, there I pause for a moment enjoying the sensation of your girth stretching my entrance. Your hands reach for my hips, pressing down slightly urging me to lower myself onto you, taking you inch by inch until there was no more to take. My breath catching as we pause allowing me to adjust to you being so deep, your fingers catching my nipples rolling and pinching as my hips begin to move, my hands resting on your thighs pushing my breasts closer to you. In this position your length rubs against places that drive me close to abandonment and when your mouth encloses around my nipple I cry out with the blissful sensations that are rushing throughout my body.

Suddenly your arm wraps around my waist and with a movement so quick I find myself lying beneath you. “Little one, I thought you wanted me to make love to you.” You whisper in my ear, the whispered breath sends shivers down my spine as you pull your length out to the tip before pushing slowly back in. Placing my arms around your neck holding on tightly as you continue to slide slowly in and out of my body, my heart racing so fast it feels as if it is going to burst out of my chest as he pushes me closer and closer to climax. Looking into your eyes I can see you are close and fighting the urge to take me hard, all thoughts of slow passionate love pushed out of my mind, my body needing you hard and fast and I know that with one simple word I can change your pace, one little word that I breathlessly whisper. “Please…” The look on your face as you hear my word almost pushes me over the edge, a look that drives me wild, a look of pure unadulterated want and need. Your tender strokes morphing into hard, urgent, driving thrusts, pounding deep and hard into me. Our cries getting louder and louder until we both reach our crescendo and we call each others names…

Collapsing on to me, joined together in both body and spirit as slowly our breathing returns to normal. My fingers caressing your back, nails softly dragging over your skin as I softly whisper, “Happy birthday Sir.”

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).