Walking through town my mind drifting to what had happened last night as I lay sated and content in his arms and the challenge he had set. A challenge I was sure I wouldn’t be able to complete but I hadn’t argued as he told me what he wanted me to do, even now as I thought about it I could feel myself beginning to blush.

Can I really do as he asked?

As I ponder this I hear my phone, it’s him, the text tone is the one that I set especially for him, whenever I hear that tone I feel excitement course through my body, my desire rising for him from something as simple as that. Taking the phone out of my handbag I open his message and read… ‘Enjoy your shopping little one and don’t forget to do as I asked.’ A smile appearing on my face as I respond. ‘Thank you Sir, like I could forget.’ Dropping my phone back into my bag I entered my favourite boutique, the clothes here are fabulous and the atmosphere is so relaxed which is the main reason why this is my favourite, there’s nothing worse than feeling hassled whilst shopping.

Walking round I pick up everything that catches my eye, which as always is lots although today I am picking up lots of things for a different reason not just because I like them. I already know what suits me, what he will like and that they all fit but today I need a reason to be a while in the changing room. On purpose I also pick up things that won’t suit me. Heading to the back of the store towards the changing room, the smile on my face threatening to take over as I think about what I’m going to do.

Entering the cubicle I lock the door behind me and hang the hooks making sure I keep the unsuitable ones separate from the ones I’m going to purchase before undressing and carefully folding my blouse and skirt, placing them at one end of the padded bench seat. taking my phone out of my bag again, I quickly type out a message to him, letting him know I am here and ready knowing he will be expecting the message as well as a full description of what I do and how I feel when I see him later. It’s then that I realise that’s my actual challenge, not what I’m about to do here, as you know I struggle to talk about how I feel about things. Standing there in my lingerie under the lights of the changing room I look at myself in the mirror, the vision that I see standing there is a beautiful one and I now that’s what you knew I would see. Sitting down on the bench I lean back into the corner of the cubicle, positioning myself between two of the mirrors. Taking a deep breath I close my eyes picturing him standing there watching me, my excitement beginning to build as I imagine his smile. My hands moving slowly from my waist up my body, brushing softly against the delicate lace of my pale peach bra, my nipples beginning to harden beneath my touch as my hands slide past them on their way to the tender skin at the base of my neck and collar bone remembering the soft kisses and bites that he had placed there last night, the feel of my fingers stroking softly making my skin tingle. The need and desire that’s building inside me is making my skin so sensitive. Slowly I begin to move my hands back down until they reach my heavy, full breasts, caressing and squeezing as my nipples press into my palms through the lace. In a desperate move I take hold of the lace and push it down beneath my breasts, exposing them completely to my touch, allowing me to caress my satin soft flesh. Fingers rubbing over my nipples before taking hold of them, pinching and rolling them at first but becoming firmer as my passion increases. Opening my eyes I look at myself in the mirror and I’m shocked to see just how wanton I appear sitting there with my breasts rising and falling with each heavy rushed breath and a delicate flush that’s appeared on my flesh, seeing what he must see when he looks at me and suddenly I can see just why he insisted I am sexy.

Closing my eyes again as my hands slip down my body taking time to caress my stomach on the way down, every movement mirroring what he had done to me last night. Reaching the silk and lace of my already soaked thong, one hand slipping beneath, fingers searching for my engorged bud slowly circling it sending waves of delight to my heated core. my other hand is stroking the exquisitely smooth skin at the top of my thigh as my eyes flicker open. Watching myself in the mirror as I raise one leg, resting my foot on the bench before my hand moves from my thigh to the scrap of soaked silk, hooking a finger underneath it I move it carefully to one side. Now totally unobstructed my fingers stroke my wet, swollen lips, slipping just a little way into my core, teasing myself just the way he would before plunging two deep inside. The fingers of my other hand working my clit as the other one begins to move slowly in and out of my heat. Seeing this in the mirror, seeing my body coming to life before my eyes pushes me closer and closer to the edge. Changing the movement of my fingers to find that spot of pure heaven, caressing it in time with my movements around my clit, my breathing so harsh as my body begins to quiver, my back arching as I bite my lower lip hard to stop myself from crying out as my muscles clench and I climax hard around my fingers…

As my body relaxes and my breathing begins to calm I pull my fingers slowly from myself, watching as I bring them to my lips to clean my essence from them, licking and sucking until I have removed every delicious drop.

Rearranging my lingerie I get dressed before collecting the clothes I have chosen from the hooks and then leaving the cubicle, a smile on my face as I hand the unsuitable one’s to the assistant, convinced she knows what I’ve been doing…

As I pay for the clothes I feel arms wrap around my waist before feeling his breath against my ear as he whispers…

Little one. I see you have completed my challenge, I look forward to hearing about it my good girl”.

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).