This piece came about when I was contacted by a person who wishes to only be known as GLYR. They messaged me a few lines and asked whether I would be willing to do something with them, now I have to say this isn’t something I would normally do but the lines and the story they were screaming to tell intrigued me somewhat. So here it is the finished piece, I hope you enjoy and the lines in italic are the ones that were wrote by GLYR.

As I lay me down to rest
I clutch your vision to my breast

As sleep clouded eyes begin to close
Into my dreams you begin to flow

A man that stimulates my senses
Yet the mystery of you still leaves me pensive

A shadowed figure in my dreams
No face, no name but still it seems

The secrets you keep do not impede
My need to play this game of intrigue

I feel your presence, breathe in your essence
For in my dreams there is no distance

Stopping us from becoming one
As we touch and taste until undone

Sometimes this pain is all too much
As I ache for your physical touch

In my dreams sweet love we make
Until our desire we do slake

And on the morrow as I wake
I feel the moisture on my face

Soft tears of joy and of sorrow
Knowing that I can only borrow

The image I have of you in my head
For silent times when I lay in bed

My thoughts of you they are my darkness
But still they remain, always there regardless

And tho we’re many miles apart
You hold a place within my heart.

© S.J Warner & GLYR 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).