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This poem is a follow up to one that appeared as a guest piece on eye will not cry, that piece was called ‘Only know you love her, when you let her go‘ if you haven’t read it then may I suggest you click the link and read that first. Again huge thanks to J for allowing the original piece to appear on his blog, now I hope you enjoy ‘You And I’…

She had walked away
Leaving the collar and key on a table in His hallway
Walking away from all it represented
But she also left behind something on which she depended

Her heart

Nearly a year had passed by
Each day she had sat in silence to cry
She should have relished the freedom she had
Instead she found pain and was eternally sad

Her mind

Would continuously reflect
On whether He was ok or whether He wept
Her thoughts filling her mind with a perpetual hum
And because of that she had returned to the house she ran from

Her feet

Had carried her back to this place
Not knowing if He was here or if she had been replaced
She stood outside of the heavy, iron gates
Whilst inside her mind there was raging debate

Her fingers

Paused over buttons
Too scared to press yet the nerve she did summon
Struggling with how much she did tremble
With fear and doubt, emotions she had to trample

Her heart

Beating fast as she punched in the code
Silently praying he hadn’t change the one of old
Relief rushing through when the gates did part
She hoped this meant she was still in

His heart

Barefoot she walked across rain soaked grass
Pausing before the door made of glass
She heard the soft music
The love song that played now sounded melancholic

Breath held

As she stood there and listened
Whilst all around the ground seemed to glisten
Then she saw Him there
Sat in His favourite chair

Her core

Ached at the memories that rushed
Filling her head with nights full of lust
The vision of Him was now one of sadness and exhaustion
As their song played while he sat with his glass of Bourbon

Her tongue

Traced her lips as she remembered the taste
She knew now she was right to come back to this place
Without second thought her hand it did grasp
the handle, sliding with a whisper the heavy glass

Her feet

Carrying her to her Master
Where she paused, heart racing faster
Dropping to her knees
Hoping He would be pleased

Her eyes

Conveying words she could not speak
Watching His eyes become less bleak
A smile on His face
As He leant forward with grace

His hands

Reaching out, her waist He did entrap
Lifting her from the floor and on to His lap
His lips quickly possessed
With His kiss His love was confessed

Her soul

Soaring swiftly
All doubts lifting quickly
Held in His embrace
She gazed at

His face

“Sir I was wrong, that I know
To ever think that I could go
My heart belongs to you, it will always be yours
If you’ll allow me once again to serve.”

He sighed

Oh so faintly
As He kissed again, this time gently
Pulling her closer to His body, holding her tight
Letting go of His little one had never felt right

Their hearts

Once again attuned
As the voice from the speakers continued to croon
Their song, a story of lovers
That were made for each other.

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from Google).