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She missed him
That was all
She could never tell him
Never never send out that call

Memories of his touch
His hands upon her breasts
Sometimes was too much
Causing pain within her chest

She missed the sound of his voice
Whispering sweet messages in the dead of night
But she hadn’t any choice
Had to free her valiant knight

Had to free him from the bonds of love
Set him free to find the one
Her love for him just wasn’t enough
The man that held her, he had won

Every day she thought of him
Shedding tears in silent moments
As she wondered what he was doing
Whilst she sat around dripping with diamonds

She would be loyal and worship her king
Until the day she died
But on her soul he had impinged
To the knight of old her heart would always be tied.

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from google).