Just like a peacock
Your beauty is your secret
You primp and preen
Aiming for the perfection of a porcelain figurine
Until you’re happy with the mask
Each brush stroke is your task

Hiding the imperfections
In your natural complexion
Improving things with false additions
Something that you have been conditioned
To do from an early age
Your aim in life to upstage

But you hide the beauty inside
The mask you wear helps people decide
What they think of you before they get to know you
Your mask becoming your interview
Seeing you as an object
Not a person that’s complex

Or one that has feelings
Their snide comments pull on your heartstrings
But you don’t let them see
Crying instead privately
Believing the harsh words
Thickening the mask because of the hurt

But remember
The peacocks feathers are all for display
The female’s beauty she underplays
Her heart is the beauty she truly possesses
Her outer beauty she suppresses
She doesn’t worry about her appearance, doesn’t give her cause to stress

Because after all
Beneath the all beauty
The peacock is dripping
Beneath it all
He’s still just a chicken!

Β© S.J Warner 2014.
Picture Β© S.J Warner.