Recently I was lucky to be asked if I would be willing to write a ‘duet’ poem with a very talented gentleman. This is my first duet poem and it was huge fun to write, I can not thank Der Erzahler enough for being patient with me and for talking me through the process.

So here you are, I hope you enjoy. Just so you know the lines in italic are DE’s, all others are mine.

The games they had played has been fun at the start
But that was before he had broken her heart…
He consumed all she had like the finest of wine
Entangling her emotions in his wicked designs

Leading her quickly into feeling secure
Plying her with gifts and her favourite liqueur…
Telling her things never before heard
Spinning a web of silver-tongued words

Filling her with dreams of love and happily ever after
Dreams he snatched away with evil laughter
She began to question her own name
Her sense of reality splitting from all of his games

Something deep inside her snapped
When he walked away leaving her heart so cracked
She followed him discreetly and silently waited
Consumed by thoughts of the man she now hated

The plans she had made began to darken
As she palmed the axe she had lovingly sharpened
There was no mistaking the gleam in her eye
As she hefted it with an audible sigh

Her eyes adjusting to the cloudy gloom
As she crept silently into his room
Feeling the knife in her heart make one final twist
Finding him wrapped up with his latest tryst

Her anger erupting like fervent lava
The sharp blade wielding it’s unforgiving karma
Slicing through air and thread
Turning the room from muted gray to red

Their screams soon becoming a deathly silence
Her anger abating with horrific violence
Watching him breathe his last breath, finally dying
Only then did she breakdown and begin crying

The man she had loved, her hearts possessor
Would never return to her, gone forever
All of this due to wicked games of the heart
With false promises that they would never part.

© S.J Warner & Der Erzahler 2014.
Picture from Pinterest, source uncredited.