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Through mists of time
And damage untold
A glimmer of hope
Does light behold

Through black endless corridors
Of nightmares firm grip
Where creatures so sinister
Tell you to sip

The toxic potion
That the Satan did mix
With hooves that were cloven
As he sat aside the river Styx

Running mindless
Through never ending passageways
Chased by creatures that were shapeless
Silently you begin to pray

Prayers that were answered
For the light that evaded
That had seemed to move backwards
Began to push through all the dark barricades

The brightness
Almost blinding
As a brilliant white sorceress
Who’s beauty was outstanding

Held out a hand
Pulling you from air as thick as molasses
Her magic turning creatures all fanged
Into piles of ashes

Finally safe
In the arms of an angel
The darkness now becoming a haze
As all around sprites did twinkle.

© S.J Warner 2014.
Photograph © Pete Inman.

Thank you so much Pete for giving me permission once again to use your wonderful photographs.