Summer sun that had warmed the ground
Made bearable by the soft zephyr
That blew around
Each breath made the air seem fresher

The leaves and grass
Danced gently with the breeze
Whispering quietly as the soft wind passed
It seemed as if the earth did breathe

They had walked hand in hand
Until they came to the barn
Ideas that appeared began to expand
As they looked at the building that was filled with charm

The solid old stone
Weathered and worn
Soft green in places where moss had grown
Surrounded by a tangled mess of hawthorne

Yet it was the oak that grew nearby
It’s grandeur and strength catching her eye
Images of a swing hung from a limb
Of childish laughter as over ground they did skim

Dreams she held as her hand ran across
Her swollen stomach so filled with love
Hidden beneath soft cotton cloth
A gift so precious placed in her trust

Dreams of picnic’s beneath
It’s splendorous shade
That would provide blessed relief
Until the heat did fade

His arms wrapped around
Holding her with care
Both of them seemed completely spellbound
By the place of perfection that they found just there

A home they would make
With pleasure
No haste
From the building that was old and yet so ornate…

© S.J Warner 2014.
Photo © Wakes World Photography huge thanks to Steve for giving me permission to work with this photo. If you would like to see more of his fabulous photos please head on over to his website and if you’re on Facebook why not give his page a like, I promise his photographs are beautiful.