They had met at a dance
She had taken a chance
On the man in the corner
So handsome but shy

She had asked him to dance
He had refused but asked her to sit down by his side
Explaining he couldn’t
She smiled and said “Nor me”

They had chatted all night
Had walked by the sea
Watching the sun
As it’s rays broke through

Weeks they had together
Until came the day
When he told her
He was going away


She worked hard every day
Caring for those
Injured and damaged
By foreign hands

They wrote to each other
As often as possible
But then without warning
His letters they stopped

Entering the room
She saw him lying there
Bandaged and pale
Against white counterpane

She rushed to his side
Not leaving all day
Crying silent tears
He heart filled with dismay

She watched him grow weaker
With each passing day
Until the light she had found
Extinguished completely

How her life had changed after that day
How the years had flown by
Now she stood in the room
Where she had said goodbye

No longer the young girl
She had been
Her face and her body
Ravaged by time

Yet when she closed her eyes
She felt so young
The damp dusty air
Replaced by the scents of work

Of blood and antiseptic
Of life and of death
She walked to the corner
Where he had slipped into eternal sleep

It was then that she began to weep
She could feel his hand
Upon her skin
Heard him whisper

Are you here to stay
She smiled softly as her heart gave way
Not time or age
Had dampened their love

Their hands entwined
As they began to dance
Two hearts fused together
Reunited at last and forever



© S.J Warner 2014.
I started writing this after I my friend Pete Inman posted the picture that is at the bottom of this piece on Facebook, I asked him for his permission to use it and he graciously agreed. As today is VE Day I thought that today would be the best time to post this piece. The top picture is sourced from the internet and the bottom one is © Pete Inman.