Another day dawns
Beautiful hues of pink and orange fill the
Cloudless sky
Dawns early chorus
Echoes around whilst rabbits
Frolic in the dew soaked

Heat beginning to rise
Intensity of the sun warms the earth quickly
Joyous feelings fill her heart
Kicking the darkness of winter away
Lifting her spirits

Magical moments as blooms awake from their slumber
Needing the sun as much as she did
Petals showing the
Quality of their colourful splendour a
Rainbow of vividness

Songbirds fill
The air
Undulating on
Vapours invisible to the eye
Whistling and calling
Xcitedly to their
Young as they collect food on spring
Zephyrs that tease the soft cotton of her skirt.

© S.J Warner 2014.

(Picture sourced from the internet. Apologies for X, really wanted each line to begin with the next letter of the alphabet and finding a word that begins with X that went with this piece was tasking my brain a little too much this morning lol).