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So here it is, time to begin
Another story begging for release
Time to put pen to paper
Oh who do I kid
Time to switch on the laptop
And fill it with sin
Wonder what will come
From the voices in my head
A short verse, a story or a full blown novel
Again I ask who am I kidding
I will sit here with coffee
And write down the words
Then reread sometime later
Before pressing delete
For this is the ending for
Most stories begun
Their voices silenced
With the press of just one
Finger on button
A death knoll to them
But maybe one day that won’t happen
Maybe one day I will be pleased
With their voices
And give you stories and characters
That hopefully you will grow to love
But until that happens
I will sit here and write
And maybe just maybe
It will be something I like
Enough to share with you all

But then again…

© S.J Warner 2014.