Time ticks by
So slowly
Without Him

Each second
Feels like a minute
Minutes seem like hours

The fingers
On the clock
Hardly seem to move

Without Him
She’s an empty vessel
Sailing on a rough ocean

Tossed from
Wave to wave
In a never ending cycle of anguish

The thoughts
In her mind
A messy symphony

A cacophony
Of doubts
And heartbreak

As Father Time
Continues to meander
Slowly through the day

Pushing painfully
Towards the darkness
That night time brings

The time where
He appears
In her dreams

Whispering His love
Softly in her ear
As she slips into restless slumber

And the sands of time
Continue to run
Through the hour glass

So painfully…

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Image sourced from the internet).