The Canvas



She spotted him the second he entered the club. A tall, elegantly dressed, powerfully built man who radiated an unmistakeable aura of danger. The mere sight of him always made her insanely wet and ache with desire for him.

She’d scened with most of the guys at the club and quite a few women too and although she’d almost always had a good time, she found that she orgasmed hardest when she knew he was watching…

He’d been coming in for a few weeks now, keeping himself apart, never participating in any scenes or engaging in conversation with others, but always watching her intently whenever she played. He seemed to be studying her, almost as if he was judging her worth.

She lay on the saltire, her wrists and ankles shackled, as the young man laboured with a flogger. Bless him… he tried his best, in fact he was quite good considering his age, but he was not a master, not a Sir… not what she needed…

She turned her head to the side and stared straight into his dark, almost black eyes, just as the young guy landed a particularly good stroke across her breasts. Her wince and sharp intake of breath made him smile and she came instantly, her whole body wracked with the force of her release as she screamed out her pleasure.

As her spasms finally subsided and the young man was undoing her restraints, she opened her eyes to search for her admirer, feeling a sudden pang of disappointment when he wasn’t there. Frustrated, she pushed the youngster aside as her bent down to whisper his thanks and snarled rejection at him, getting up and striding, still naked, to the bar.

A good orgasm always left her thirsty and as she took a long draught of the ice cold cocktail, she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. Thinking it was the young man again she whirled around to tell him in no uncertain terms to go fuck himself, when the words turned to dust in her mouth… She stood face to face with him!

He gently took her hand and brought it to his lips, softly kissing her knuckles. She almost came again on the spot! She couldn’t speak… she stood there mesmerised, her body trembling with lust and fear… He didn’t say a word, just leant forward and kissed her so tenderly that she thought she’d die! She closed her eyes and moaned as he deepened the kiss, possessing her mouth with such intensity that she knew, from that moment on, she was utterly his!

She staggered and almost fell as he broke the kiss, her body limp in his strong hands. He smiled and took a small white card from inside his immaculate suit, placing it on the bar beside her. He softly stroked her cheek with the back of his hand and she closed her eyes again, whimpering at the sheer bliss of his touch. When she opened them, he had gone…

She blinked and looked around, frantically searching for him! Oh God she didn’t even know his name! He hadn’t spoken a single word to her! Where was he! She had to find him again… it couldn’t end like this…! She panicked at the loss of him… knew within her soul that she would be lost without him… God what had he done to her to make her feel like this? Suddenly she remembered the card and snatched it up, seeing only two words printed in black on the ivory surface, The Artist. She spun it over and found, hand written on the back, Come and be my masterpiece… beneath which was a printed cell phone number.

She almost ran to the locker room, quickly dressing and grabbing her bag before dashing out into the dark night to hail a cab. In the back seat she stabbed the number into her phone and held it to her ear, listening breathlessly to the interminable ring tone… Would he pick up? Was she being too keen? Maybe she should have waited…? All these thoughts raced through her mind as her heart pounded in her ears… No! She had to see him… had to be with him…!

There was a click and she almost wept as she heard his rich voice pouring into her ear. He gave her an address and hung up, leaving her once again feeling totally abandoned. She knew she was being foolhardy… knew that she was taking a terrible risk… knew that her friends would be furious with her if they found out… but it didn’t matter, none of it mattered… all she wanted in this world now was to be with him.

She paid the fare and got out in front of a huge townhouse, looking up appreciatively at the imposing façade. Before she even moved towards the door, it opened and he was there, a menacing silhouette against the bright lights of the hall. Although she couldn’t see his face, she knew he was smiling at the open adoration that shone forth from hers. He stood to one side, the silent invitation loud and clear. Swallowing deeply, she took a faltering step across the threshold.

She stood in the hallway trying to calm her nerves, to slow her breathing, to stop her body trembling in fear. She flinched when she heard the door lock shut behind her and felt icy panic rising as his footsteps approached. She bit her lip to stop a scream bursting from her mouth as his hands closed around her waist, mewling plaintively instead as she sank back against him.

Powerless to resist, she let him swiftly strip her, shivering as her dress slid to the floor with a sibilant hiss. A gasp of pleasure escaped her as he undid her bra and cupped her firm breasts, his fingers twisting and pulling her nipples. She felt his arousal pushing insistently against her cheeks and rocked her hips, rubbing her ass across his front. In answer, he bit her shoulder hard and pinched her nipples, making her so wet that she could feel it at the top of her thighs.

His expert hands slid over her smooth body, one traveling up and around her throat, the other down and between her legs. She lent her head back and moaned, opening herself to him, whimpering as his fingers entered her deeply. His thumb pressed and rubbed her swollen clit and she gushed over his hand and her legs as she surrendered to her orgasm.

He chuckled – a deep throaty sound – and pulled his fingers from her, bringing them up to her mouth. She felt his hot breath on her ear as he whispered what a good girl she was as she greedily licked them clean. She groaned and sagged against him as he told her that she was his… that she will do anything that he wants… whimpering her agreement as he stroked her skin.

He took her hand and led her to a room that was completely bare except for the saltire in the middle. She lay down willingly on it, spreading her limbs wide, gasping and panting in excitement as he fastened her restraints. He stood by her head and looked down lovingly at her, softly caressing her long hair and beautiful face. She gasped as she felt the cool leather of the crop sliding slowly up the inside of her leg, moving closer and closer to her smooth pout. She tensed as the tip passed between her swollen lips and over her engorged nub, expecting at any moment to feel the explosion of fire.

When his first strike landed across her flat stomach she screamed out loud at the excruciating sensation! She had never felt such pain! She looked down her body at the angry red welt that was rising from her pale flesh and her tears flowed freely. Three more arrived in quick succession, each one precise in its placement, each one agonisingly pleasurable.

Crying openly, she looked up at him, letting her gaze roam over his beautiful face, staring into his gorgeous eyes, seeing his warm smile and knew instantly that he was the one… he was her Master… and in that moment she had an epiphany – she was The canvas and he was The Artist! He saw the revelation on her face and smiled radiantly at her, leaning down to kiss her long and tenderly.

He stood up, raising the crop high above him and began to paint.

© Steve Richards 2014.

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