Her Little Game.


She appeared in the room
Dressed in His shirt
With a glint in her eye
She started to flirt
She wanted to play
Needed to feel
Her man use control
To handle her needs

He watched as she teased
Twirled and twisted
Spinning and flexing
Allowing Him glimpses
Of her waxed delight

He would not give in
Would not bite
Even though
He ached to be
Deep inside
His delicious sweet ride
Pumping and thrusting
Until she cried

His resolve was strong
She would not control
His will decided
When He would enter her soul
He watched as she fingered
The buttons that fastened
The shirt that she wore
Dropping it swiftly
On to the floor

Her corset
Clinching her waist
Pushing her breasts
Right into His face
Her sweet pussy
Visible, bare to the eye
Ready to taste
Offering heaven inside

Still He resisted
Her frustration was great
On a bar stool she sat
To continue to bait
Parting her legs
Her fingers did seek
The folds that were open
Ready to please
Rosy red to the eye
And slick with her essence
They promised delights
That would send Him to heaven

He was on her in seconds
Resolve oh so shattered
Fucking her senseless
Was all that mattered
Spinning and lifting
Her over the stool
The perfect position
To admire His jewel

Reaching for the box
That held tools within
Tools that could bring
Pleasure and pain
With some that restrain
Fine rope He did use
To tie her wrists
Tight to the legs
Cupping her chin
He looked into her face

Oh little one
You have been a fool
But how pretty you look
Bent over this stool
This night will be long
But you will enjoy
For it seems I have fallen
For your little ploy
The games that you wished for
You will get to play
For little one
You know that
You must obey

Dropping her chin
He walked away
To the bar in the corner
Where He sat to wait
With a whiskey He poured
And quietly sipped
Her game He would play
When He was ready
Using the wait
As her punishment
He could tell she was eager
In need of a fuck
Undoing His zip
He pulled out His cock
Mighty and throbbing
As hard as rock

He knew she was watching
As His hand wrapped around
Feeling it twitch
With her lusty sounds
His glass in one hand
And cock in the other
He stalked the room
To get to His lover
Standing behind her
To admire her fine ass

Placing the glass
On the floor next to Him
He parted her legs
To get to her quim
His tongue trailing
Along her sweet path
Licking and tasting
From clit to her ass

His hand stroked her cheek
Before lifting it quick
Flesh meeting flesh
Chastisement well met
The sound from her lips
Showing her pleasure
Her moans were so
Rough and full of lust
But still she would wait
As He poured His fine whiskey
To add to her taste
Catching the fire
As it rolled between cheeks
Her whimpers and words
Were begging release

With fire in His mouth
As well as His loins
He sucked and He tasted
Her pleasure succumbing
Honey that trickled
Soon overflowing
His tongue
Lapped and licked
That delicious gush
Until He had swallowed
Every last drop

Without second thought
He stood up to thrust
His movements were fuelled
With oh so much lust
Her cries they did ring
Loud round the room
As He filled her body
Right up to her womb

The sensation that followed
Was one not so new
As He pushed and thrust
His thumb did slip through
Her tight puckered hole
The feeling so good
The screams and the cries
The grunts and the sighs
The pressure soon built
Deep in between thighs

With a scream of His name
She shattered completely
Her muscles grip tight
Around His erection
With one final thrust
So hard that she screamed
His gift He did give her
Exploding deep in
They both cried from the pleasure
Of this little scene

The game she had played
They had both won
For all she had wanted
Was for them to cum
But the night was still young
Holding promise of more
More games and more fucking
And so much more fun.

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).

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