The Hotel Room.


Isobel’s phone rang in her hand just as she was about to dial James’ number. She was fuming mad that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. She tucked the long strands of blonde hair behind her ear and answer her phone.

“James? Where the hell are you? The taxi will be here in thirty minutes. You were missed at breakfast by everyone. It didn’t go unnoticed that you didn’t make it down. We’re supposed to make a good impression on our new client.” she said. She heard her tone and grimaced that she sounded like a mother telling off a child.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I slept in. I haven’t even been in the shower, and I still need to pack, I have my stuff all over the room.” he replied.

James’ use of the sweetheart, made her anger melt a little but not enough to get him off the hook just yet.

“You’re fucking joking, you’d better get that fine arse in gear and get ready.”

“If you had stayed with me last night, you could have made sure I was ready.” he replied.

“You know the company doesn’t allow that kind of thing between employees, I wasn’t prepared to take the risk, this deal we just secured was too big.”

“How about you get yourself up here and help me out.” He said, dropping his voice to a low rumble.

“Not on your life, I don’t trust you for a minute. I know exactly how your hands and mind wander.”

“Isobel, if you don’t come up here I will never be ready, then I’ll be in serious trouble.”

“Oh, for fuck sake, right, I will be straight up, get a move on.”

Isobel rolled her eyes and walked over to the lift, repeatedly hitting the green button to call for the lift. Looking up at the red numbers above the lift door, she cursed again when she saw the number thirty two not moving. Giving up waiting she took to the stairs, room 134 would be on the first floor, she climbed the two flights of stairs two at a time. Pulling the door open she checked the room numbers on the wall and took off in the direction of his room. 

It didn’t take long for her to be standing in front of his door, her heart beat a little fast after her exertion. Hammering her fist on the wooden door, Isobel kept it up until he opened up. She took in the sight before her, he was dressed in just his jeans, still damp from the shower. She stood motionless for a few moments dazed at his beauty. Isobel walked through the door frame, she couldn’t resist tracing her fingers along James’ chest as she passed the tight space between them.

Entering the main part of the room she saw that there are two flight cases stood near the writing desk in the corner all packed. Looking around the room Isobel saw that the room is spotless, no mess anywhere, realisation dawned.

Hearing a click, she turned on the spot and looked at James. He is standing there with a grin on his face.

“Come here beautiful.” He said.

In three long paces he is stood in front of her, James grabbed her wrist and pulled her in to his space and kissed her soundly. Lips pressed against lips, neither of them moving. It was an intense, passionate embrace, the heat poured out of both of them.

Isobel circled his waist with her arms and held on while he kissed the life out of her. Pulling away, she trailed her finger tips down his chest, reacquainting herself with the contours of the dips and peaks of his torso. Her fingers made their way to his belt buckle, dipping her fingers into the waistband she pulled him closer to her.

Kissing him again, she parted his lips with her tongue she felt a throb shudder through her as she licked into his mouth. Still standing, he parted her jean clad thighs with one of his, the friction was just enough for her to feel a second shudder. As the kiss deepened her hand expertly undid his belt buckle as she bit his lip, she was a true multitasking angel.

Dipping her hand inside the denim, she discovered he wasn’t wearing boxers. She took hold of him, firmly, not moving, just relished the hard velvety feel of his cock. She withdrew from the kiss and looked him in the eye, she kept her sparkling gaze fixed on him as she dropped to her knees. Lifting him out of his jeans she licked her lips, she wanted and needed to taste him. She waited as he made himself more comfortable, legs further apart and knees locked. His cock stood proudly in front of her, hard, erect and begging to be licked. Isobel watched as James’ hands threaded his fingers through her hair and held on tight. He was going to direct her movements.

She rested her hands on the tops of his feet to steady herself and then leaned her head forward to swipe the eye of his length with the flat of her tongue in one quick action. She smiled when she heard his groan and felt his toes scrunch up into the thick pile of the carpet. His grip tightened on her hair, pulling her long tresses up her back as he wound it tighter around his fingers.

She was ready to touch him with her hands, widening her knees she steadied herself and lifted her hands up. Her left hand held his weighty balls, and her right hand circled around the base of his cock. She slowly, rhythmically, squeezed her hands on both.  Isobel wanted James’ cock in her mouth, using her tongue first she swirled it around his tip, her lips were not touching him.

She bent her head and used the tip of her tongue to lick the full length of his hardness, she could feel him quiver but she held firm.  The time had come for her to take more of him inside her warm wet mouth. She slid him in, as far as she could manage. Pulling back very slowly, she swirled her tongue around his hardness her lips adding pressure.

The wetness from her mouth made his hardness shine, she began to move up and down him at a steady pace. Keeping the pressure applied, each stroke in she took him further into her mouth. His tip hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed, she was rewarded with another loud groan of pleasure. Her hand followed her mouth as she sucked him hard. He started to move his hips in time with her, the sensation of her mouth on his hardness was almost too much to bear. He could feel his orgasm welling up inside him, but she had a firm grip on him which controlled his ultimate pleasure. She withdrew him from her mouth half way and traced her tongue around the tip, again she took his full length in her mouth. Isobel loved the slow tease of a man’s cock, building him up and calming him down only to build him up again.

Isobel let out a squeak when she found herself on her back and beneath him. James had pulled out of her mouth, dropped to his knees, he had then pushed her to the floor of the room. He didn’t want to come in her mouth this time, reaching down he pulled the zip of her jeans down. She smiled proudly when she heard him mutter a string of curse words. James pulled her jeans off completely and discovered that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. That fact and vision drove him wild, and his cock twitched its approval. 

Leaning up on her elbows, Isobel she watched with fascination as he discarded her jeans and stood to strip for her. His tight body glistened with sweat from his excitement.  Standing there naked, strong and gorgeous, she knew that her desires would be fulfilled. He moved towards her to stand and instructed her to sit on a nearby chair. He wanted to taste her nectar, straight from the source. Getting up from the floor, she started to undo the buttons of her shirt and was about to remove it when he shook his head.

Leave it on but leave the buttons undone.” He said to her.

She did as she was asked, moving to the chair she parted the shirt to show some but not all of her cleavage. She hadn’t worn a bra today either. As soon as she was seated on the tall backed chair, he moved close, dropped to his knees and parted her thighs wide.

She trembled when she felt the firmness of his hands holding her thighs apart and keeping them there. It was a loud instruction not to move, at all. She obeyed, and his head dropped, he gently kissed the inside of her thigh. Working his way up until his nose nudged her glistening lips. The tip of his tongue glided, first up and then down her lips. Her sweet honey elixir was something he had craved for a long time. He continued to lick her, adding a little pressure as he slowly pushed the tip of his tongue further into her warm folds. Eventually he breached her lips, and she arched her back, thrusting her hips forward and moaned deeply.

Shifting forward ever so slightly, she was able to widen her thighs further. She wanted to give him full access, and she wanted to watch his tongue penetrate her. He knew what she wanted and looked up and smiled whilst poking his tongue out to swipe her again. She could feel his grin against her lips, she drew in a long breath as he plunged his tongue inside her. Keeping her legs apart was becoming a struggle, his tongue was a wonder. He kept flicking her nub and kissing it, sucking it into his mouth. The feeling was something she hadn’t experienced in a long time, his continued devouring was leading her to feel her orgasm grow within her. She needed to feel more of him inside her, she wanted him inside her. She lifted his head gently, and the pair stood up, she pulled him close and felt his hardness press against her belly. She wanted him urgently but wanted to take her time, the mix of urgency was heady. Taking his hand, she led him to the bed and pulled off the duvet and dropped it to the floor, no need for coverings today. Isobel had her back to him and removed her shirt, one shoulder at a time, she dropped it to the floor. 

Turning back around she kissed him, slow, soft kisses, her tongue licking in and out of his mouth. As she kissed him, she pulled him onto the bed with her. They fell onto the crisp white sheets, his body lay on hers, his chest pressed against her breasts. His thighs entwined with hers. He kissed her deeply and for a long time. Their tongues explored each other all the while she could feel his pre cum on her thigh. His hardness against her reminded her that she wanted him badly. She adjusted her elbow to force him over. Kneeling up she moved until she knelt astride him. James’ eyes darted to her pussy, he could see she was wet and ready to take him. She was on top, in charge, just as he imagined it would be.

Isobel positioned herself over his hips but not touching them. She gazed down, eyes hooded as she admired the smooth, clean lines of his cock. The fact that he was going to be inside her very soon sent her momentarily dizzy. James was massaging her right breast, brushing her nipple until it stood hard and erect.

She circled her fingers around his hard length and stroked him up and down twice and guided his tip to her entrance she was soaking wet, slick with her arousal. The temptation to fall hard was intoxicating but instead she took him in, inch by inch. She savoured the journey he made into her. The further she sank down the more she arched her back. Grabbing her left breast as his hard length filled her completely, it was all she could do not to collapse on him in fevered delight. 

Her hips circled slightly causing him to moan a noise that excited her further. James had to close his eyes and stop looking at the beauty riding him, or he would lose it too soon. Slowly she lifted herself, she kept lifting until the tip of him was just teasing her entrance. Then she sank back down on him, harder, needier now. She used his chest for support and built a pace, rising and falling, he moved his hips with her pace. As she moved, her wall clung onto him squeezing him hard.

Her pace quickened, her nails dug into his chest, but he felt no pain for his pleasure was too great. Her long hair draped over his chest as the effort forced her to collapse slightly. He placed his hands on her hips and helped her to rise and fall. Faster and faster, harder and harder, he started to buck his hips higher raising her off the bed. She knew that he was near, that he was desperate, his thrusts grew more forceful and concentrated.

She screamed his name.

Don’t stop, I want you to come inside me.” She said to him.

His grip on her hips tightened, his moaning became louder. She screamed his name again, he pulled her down by her hips again and with an exquisite thrust of his thighs, James came inside her. She felt the warm explosion inside her and felt her own orgasm enveloped his hardness. Isobel’s body collapsed onto James, he was still inside her, quivering, and she still clasped him. He relished the feeling she gave him when her pussy strangled his cock in such an intense orgasm.

He pulled her to the side of him, pulling her close while he pulled out of her. The loss she felt by his absence was acute, and she wrapped her legs around him for comfort.  She adored this man and didn’t want to let him go, ever. They would need to rest for the next time.

© Ava Bellamy and Harry Gate 2014.

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