The Wolf And Little Red


A walk in the woods

my footsteps pad on forest floor

your howls have beaconed me

searching for what I don’t know

but I follow

because I can’t stay away

excitement surges with each ragged heartbeat

adrenalin coarses through my veins

every part of me longing to be with you

I feel my hunger for you increase with every step

my wanton desire overcomes me

still you call to me

I need to feel you

inside me

filling me

thoughts of you invade my mind

what is this power you have over me

together the two of us

wild, unabashed passion taking over

I am at your mercy

pulling me down to meet new grass of Spring

you lick suck and bite my skin

claiming me

every inch of me is yours

as you enter my wet core

my body trembles with release

you are my beast

the wolf to my little red…


© Caroline Juliette 2014.

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