His thoughts once again
Went to her
His love
Wondering how she
Was doing
Had the hurt gone

Again he swore
He saw her
Standing at the window
But he knew
It was just a trick
Of the light and his mind

His home still
Held her aura
Her scent
His mind
Forever tortured
By memories of her taste

Throwing down his keys
He walked down the hall
His home felt empty
Dark and alone
Her image haunted him
Every day, everywhere

Something caught his eye
Another trick
Or was it
For there on handle
To the door of his office
Hung a dress oh so black

A dress he knew
She had worn
In the past
Excitement did mount
His length
Began to twitch

At thought of his
Shaft buried deep
Her mouth
Her heat
To have her knelt at his feet

His power returning
As he flung open the door
Coming to a standstill
At the image he saw
There she knelt
In position

Awaiting his word
Around her neck
Was his string of pearls
He smiled as he looked
Admiring the way
They looked against her skin

His palm twitched
As much as his shaft
But he knew there
Would be time for that
Right now he needed
To see

Whether she was real
Had she returned
Safely to him
He covered the space
That stood between them
Silently and swiftly

Kneeling down in front of her
His fingers cupped her chin
His heart quickened
At the feel of her skin
Lifting her face
He looked deep within

No fear
No shame
Left in her eyes
Just love
And lust
There just
For him

Taking hold of the pearls
He took her lips
A kiss filled with passion
Taking what he had missed
Feeling her give
Herself once more

He smiled as he felt
Her fingers
Release his belt
His buttons
And finally
His zip

Her slender fingers
Wrapped around him
All thoughts of power and
Control swiftly gone
His need for her rose
As she softly stroked him

Then something snapped
Deep inside
His head cleared
As control returned
The growl from his throat
Caused her to pause

Standing he pushed
His length to her lips
Gasping when he felt
Her tongue on his tip
It had been too long
He wouldn’t last

He needed to have her
Hard and fast
Her moans vibrating
Along his shaft
Wrapping his hands
Into her thick dark brown hair

Thrusting deep
He held her there
Watching the tears
That rolled down her cheek
Still her eyes held no fear of him
Just joy, pleasure and desire shined within

Their eye contact did it
That last final thrust
His essence did pulse
Down into her throat
Sucking and tonguing
Taking it all

Finally he smiled
Expressed his pride
At having his girl
Back at his side
Reaching down
He pulled her into his arms

Holding her tight
They stayed in embrace
Softly stroking
And talking
Until day
It did break…

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© S.J Warner 2014.

(Pictures sourced from the internet).