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Sitting here at the table, the delicious meal that you had so lovingly prepared had been eaten and enjoyed. Now we sit here holding hands and gazing into each others eyes whilst you thumb tenderly strokes the back of my hand and we smile softly at each other, our smiles replacing the need for words. The look of love in your eyes is breath-taking, again I wonder what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you. As always your attention to detail was spectacular, the room looked beautiful as we sat there in soft candle light. In the centre of the table is your customary single red rose, not in a vase but lying on the crisp cotton tablecloth, the black ribbon tied around it’s long, slender stem so dark against the white cloth. You had made the evening perfect everything chosen to make the atmosphere romantic from the soft music that played in the background to the food, a perfect, quiet romantic meal for two. Releasing my hand you rise from the table, extinguishing the candle as you wait for me to stand. taking my hand once more you lead me from the dining room, along the hallway towards the stairs and your bedroom quietly chuckling to yourself as I moan about there being no dessert. Turning you kiss my pouting lips before whispering, “Oh my love there is dessert and I guarantee you will enjoy it.” The lust in your voice makes me shiver with desire as your breath brushes softly against my flesh. When you turn again and lead me the rest of the way to your bedroom I can feel my need for you growing.

Entering the bedroom you lead me to the centre of the room before leaving me while you quickly close the heavy, velvet drapes. The lustful look on your face as you walk back to me leaves me feeling weak. Walking behind me you place delicate kisses on my shoulder as your fingers make short work of the bow that holds my halter neck silk dress in place, releasing the ties you let the dress slowly float to the floor and pool around my feet leaving me standing before you naked apart from my delicate, red lace panties. A smile appears on your face as your hands run down over my already sensitive skin towards the apex of my thighs, slipping a hand between my legs you stroke the soaked material that covers my swollen lips before dipping a finger beneath the lace, pushing it gently into my heat. “I see you are ready for me my naughty girl.” You growl, a lustful moan my only response as you stroke in and out so slowly, each movement making me quiver with need. Pulling you hand from between my thighs you move around to face me, your fingers hooking the elastic at the top of my panties before pulling them down quickly over my hips before letting them slip down my long, slender legs to join my dress on the floor. Your hands following the lace down my legs then sweeping back up my thighs and over my hips; your fingers sinking into the firm flesh of my ass as you pull me hard against your body, your lips finding mine, kissing me hard your tongue pushing through mine opening them so that our tongues can begin their passionate and highly intimate dance. The feel of your ever hardening length pressing against my stomach making me groan with desire and even though you have me pulled tight against you I find a way to move my body against yours rubbing your length through the fabric of your trousers. With a growl you sweep me off my feet and place me in the centre of your bed, as you begin to underdress I roll on to my side to watch you, my eyes feasting on the sight of your naked body. My lust, desire and need reaching critical point as you stalk towards me, I know if you don’t take me soon I’m going to explode, that’s how powerful an effect you have on me…

Moving onto the bed you lay down next to me, your fingers running down my side so gently it almost tickles, my nerve endings on fire as your hand passes over the curve of my breast. our eyes lock and I’m surprised to see a glimpse of nervousness in yours. My surprise must have shown on my face as you smile at me and gently kiss my lips, the glimpse of nervousness replaced by pure love as you softly whisper, “Do you trust me my love?” My hand reaches up to caress your cheek, without hesitation I reply, “Always darling.” The look of relief on your face melts my heart as I feel it pounding in my chest with excitement and all the love I have for you. Your hand moves from my side to my wrist, gripping it as you push me onto my back before pulling my hand above my head and binding my wrist securely to the post of the headboard with a length of deep red ribbon that you have removed from beneath the pillow; checking that the ribbon is tight enough to hold me but not too tight that it will hurt me. Satisfied with your work you move to the other wrist repeating the binding and checking. The scent of my arousal is heavy in the air as you lean in to kiss me, your lips meeting mine so soft and yet so forceful. Breaking the kiss you gently lift my head placing a satin blindfold over my eyes, the last thing I see is your gorgeous smile. A feeling of calm runs through my body as I wait, just knowing you will do nothing to hurt me as I lay there exposed is enough to soothe any nervousness I should have been feeling. Once again your lips meet mine but this time your kiss is filled with so much hunger it steals my breath and I moan into your mouth letting you know I’m ready for whatever you have planned.

My lack of sight has made all my other senses so acute, I feel everything as you move from the bed, each movement so strong as I feel how the mattress rises and falls as your weight shifts. My hearing now so sharp I can hear every breath you take, concentrating hard as I hear a noise I recognise but for the life of me I can not place, the mattress dipping again as you re-join me on the bed my mind in overdrive as I wonder what you are up to but not concerned as I would trust you with my life and soul. Gasping I feel the cold, hardness of an ice cube slowly circling my already hard nipple before you mouth encloses around it, the heat of your mouth making me gasp again as you slip the ice across my body to my other nipple, your mouth softly sucking my puckered rose as your tongue flicks across my super sensitive flesh torturously making me squirm against my bonds. So many sensations rush around my body as you move the ice down my stomach towards my heat and my moans come thick and fast as you tease my body mercilessly. The ice slips between my smooth folds and you rub the ice gently over my hard bud, the heat from my body melting it causing trickles of water to run down over my core and between my cheeks creating more and more mind blowing sensations to race through my body as I struggle to cope with the onslaught, my body quivering with pure pleasure making you groan passionately. Then without warning all the erotic sensations stop as again you move away from me, again I hear sounds I cant place but my excitement is mounting again by the second as I wait not so patiently for you to return to me. A loud pop startles me from my thoughts and I jump making the ribbons tighten slightly as I do, you are quickly by my side and your hand softly strokes my cheek as you whisper, “Shush sweetheart it’s fine.” Your voice soothing and calming me so much that a feeling of safety fills my body knowing that whatever it is you are going to do will be wonderful but that doesn’t stop my mind from racing as I lie prone desperately trying to figure out what you have planned.

The mattress dips again as you move closer to me, our lips meeting again soft at first but quickly becoming hard and passionate as your hand run over my chest catching my nipples between your fingers, rolling and squeezing making me moan into your mouth as your tongue teases and plays with mine driving me wild with need. just when I think I am about to explode you break the kiss leaving me breathless and wanting more. Your hands move from my breasts down my body and over my thighs before parting my legs, your fingers caressing the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs making me once more squirm against my bonds. Pushing my legs even further apart you groan when you see how wet I am for you, your fingers tracing slowly around my heat but not touching where I want and need even though I am writhing at your touch. I cry out when you finally push your fingers into my core, caressing my inner flesh seeing just how ready I am for you. I hear you whisper, “Good girl.” My body clenches around your hand, you know the affect those two words have on me, the delight they cause. It’s then that I feel a trickle of something icy cold on my stomach closely followed by the heat of your mouth as you lick and suck the liquid from my flesh. Again you ask if I trust you, not moving until you hear my response, even though it is barely audible you obviously heard it as you place kisses across my stomach… Slowly you remove your fingers from their sensual exploration of my heated core and slip your arm beneath my hips lifting and tilting me slightly. As you softly kiss and bite my inner thigh you push something cold and hard inside me, my moans and gasps coming hard and fast as I feel the same cold liquid that you had poured over my stomach flood into my heat, the sensation of popping bubbles inside me pushing me so close to the edge. Realising its a bottle that you are slowly moving in and out of me, teasing me and filing me with more and more of the liquid. Your arm holds me tight and still as you pull the bottle carefully from inside me slipping your tongue between my folds in its place, moaning hard against me as you lap at the liquid that is now mixed with my sweet essence each movement of your tongue creating more bubbles inside me. Your tongue moves up and flicks across my hard bud before you move up my body. Slowly you push your hard, pulsing shaft into me making some of the liquid spill out and on to the bed, you gasp as the bubbles begin to pop around your length as you push further into me and the now cool liquid. You begin to move, each movement slow and precise as your length strokes my sensitive flesh, our breathing becoming harsh as erratic as our hips grind in time with each other, each thrust causing explosive sensations to race throughout my body. Moaning your name in between breaths, begging and pleading for you to take me to my pinnacle, instinctively you know how close I am and your thrusts become faster, deeper and more urgent, your tip slamming against my cervix as my cries get louder and louder. As you slam into me one more time my muscles clench, gripping your length tight as my orgasm takes over and your body releases deep into me and the liquid…

You stay buried deep inside me as our bodies begin to calm, leaning over me you carefully slip the blindfold from my eyes, the smile on your lips mischievous but full of love. Reaching to the side of the bed you pick up a glass and lifting my hips again you slowly pull out of me, resting the glass against my hot flesh as the liquid begins to seep from me, tipping my hips forward the liquid spills from inside slowly filling the glass, I watch as you raise the glass to your lips, taking a sip before smiling. “Delicious.” Placing the glass on the table you unbind my wrists pulling me onto your lap, your arm wrapped tightly around my waist as you pick up the glass, handing it to me as you bring your lips to my ear and whisper, “Your champagne cocktail my good girl.” Raising the glass in a mock toast I smile and drink the precious, delicious liquid of our intimate union while you hold me in your arms.

© S.J Warner 2014.

(Picture originally sourced from the internet).