She waits

Waits patiently
For her love

To return

To his home
To her

He had

Told her to go
Sent her away

Sent her

For help
With things

She couldn’t


Time away

He had told her
So that she could heal

And she had

For now she was strong
No longer willing to be


Yes she was His
Yes still His little one

But stronger

Her past
No longer in control

Yes she

Would kneel
Before Him but now

With confidence

More self worth and
Less self hate

A woman

That was ready to
Submit both to His desires

And love

But now she would do so
With confidence and love for

Her self

So she waits
At His window


For His


To renew
Their bond


To give Him
The woman He requires

The dress

Was one
She knew He loved

But He

Would not see her
In it

For it

Would be shed
Before He entered the room

Leaving her

Naked except for a string
Of pearls

Pearls that

He had given her
Before He left

Her collar

He had removed
Replacing it with the pearls

Leaving her

Safe in the knowledge
That she was His

That she

Could return
To His arms

But now

Her need was for His collar
A need as strong

As her

Need for

His mind

His body
His love

He had

Told her
He would wait

Until she

Was healed
Then she could return

And now

She was here
Had finally returned

Her fight

Had been hard
But she had won

So now

She stands
In His office

And she waits…

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from the Internet).